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What is photo restoration?

Photo restoration is the digital process of restoring a damaged old photo. The original photo is scanned at a high resolution, allowing fading and damage to be repaired without affecting the original.

What Can You Digitize?

We accept photos, transparencies, and 2d artwork of all kinds and sizes. This includes hard mounted photos, glass negatives and slides, paintings, etc.

How long does it take to receive my item?

If it is a smaller order it may be a few business days. If it is a more extensive project it may be as long as 1-2 weeks. Memorials or celebrations of life orders are prioritized. Rush orders available for an additional fee. We discuss the turnaround time during the ordering process.

What Is The Difference Between Photo Restoration, Photo Retouching And Photo Editing?

Photo restoration is used to repair old photos. Often, this process is necessary because of water damage, fading and heat damage. While photo editing and retouching may happen during the restoration process, the goal of photo restoration is simply to make the photo return to its original state.

Photo retouching entails correcting the photo's color, exposure and background. For example, we might remove shadows or elements of the photo to make it look better. Retouching allows us to fix facial wrinkles, hair color and other irregularities. If you want, you can change the background as well. Basically, photo retouching is a process that allows us to hide imperfections and create a more beautiful photo.

Photo editing is an extremely time-intensive process. During this process, we will improve the photo's effects, exposure, lighting and saturation. We can sharpen the image and improve the overall quality of the photograph.

Photo restoration is for restoring old or damaged photos.

Editing works to improve the photo's natural qualities, retouching enhances the image's visual appeal and brings the technician's artistic vision to life.

Can you restore a picture I have on my phone?

While we do prefer to work with high-resolution photos, we may be able to make some major improvements with the photo.

Contact us to find out if we can fix your photo.

Can a photo be 'too' damaged for you to fix?

Luckily, we can restore almost any photo! From water damage, mold damage, fire damage to scratch removal, we’ve restored a range of severely damaged photographs for customers.

But, we will be unable to repair images that are damaged to the point of having completely unrecognizable faces.

What if I am not satisfied with the final photo restoration product, will my originals be returned?

We will return your original to you, whether you accept the work or not. We will simply mail your original back to you, free of charge.

Do you do corrections to the original photograph?

No, we do not do any work at all on the original photo. The only thing we do is to scan it to the computer so that we can take the scanned copy and do whatever is necessary to restore or enhance it.

What do you do with the original photo after you restore it?

It depends on if you want to keep the original photo or if you want it disposed of. If you want to pick up the original or have it mailed back to you, just let us know during the ordering process and we will take care of it for you.

Can you restore a damaged photo?

We have a team of highly experienced digital artists that can provide a number of high-quality professional photo restoration services, and because of this we are able to achieve excellent results in old photo restoration, damaged photo restoration and antique photo restoration.

We can restore sun, insect, stuck glass or mold and mildew damaged photos.

Can you restore a sun faded photo?

Yes we are able to restore sun faded photos.

Can you get my photo unstuck from glass?

Give us a call and we will let you know how to send the image to us, in most cases we will be able to successfully scan the photos with our equipment.

Can you colorize old black and white photographs?

Yes we can colorize all black and white photographs.

Can I drop my photos off at your store?

Yes, you absolutely can. Just drop us an email at photoproboca@gmail.com or call us at (561) 487-2799 and we'll set up a time that's convenient for you and give you directions to our store in Boca Raton!

Can you mail me a print of my photo?

Yes we will mail them to you at your location.

How should I mail my photos?

When mailing your photos directly to our store, if you need them in a specific order, or according to year or person or trip, etc., please separate into sturdy folders under each header. Ziploc bags can be helpful also, for this temporary need. Be wary of the ink you use. Stick with pencil, or a waterproof ink that will not smudge or bleed.

Sticky notes are great! But please DO NOT put any sticky note or tape on the actual image. Only put it on the back of your item. Notes in general to specify needs or questions per photo/negative/slide are welcome.

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